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New Business: WPZOO

Today is the launch of WPZOO. WPZOO is a swiss based WordPress theme and plugin shop. I have always wanted to set up a site to sell my own products and now is has become a reality. I have really

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Bundling plugin, libraries and frameworks in themes

Securi released a post revealing that two popular WordPress plugins had a serious vulnerability. Theme plugin have been bundled into a number of themes. This caused a number of people to mention that one should not bundle plugins in WordPress themes. it's not

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WCCH14: How to Manage Translations

Here are the slides from talk at WordCamp Switzerland 2014 on how to manage translations. Browser not compatible. Below is the video of my presentation. [wpvideo JYQcKbYa]

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Developer seeking Designer

The title is a bit cheesy but it says it all. I do mostly development work and I love it but I sometimes there are some tasks where some design skills are needed which I lack. I have no designer

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Future of POT generators

One of the first big problems that I faced when I started with WordPress was how to generate  a POT file. In the meantime have been able to look at all of the different tools and see their shortcoming with

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Why a string text domain is not a must

A discussion that I keep coming across with i18n in WordPress is the use of variables and constants for text domains. Everyone keeps on linking to Mark Jaquith’s post “Translating WordPress Plugins and Themes: Don’t Get Clever” and Otto’s post

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Theme Review Checklist

Links Theme guidelines A Guide to Reviewing Themes for the WordPress Theme Repository by Chip Bennett Review Text from Ulrich Pogson Set up test site Import the Theme Unit Test data. Add this to wp-config.php define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true ); Install

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How to setup AWS to work with Amazon S3 WordPress plugin

I had huge troubles setting Amazon S3 and Cloudfront to work on my site. I opened an issue on GitHub but Brad was unfortunately unable to help. I have no experience with AWS S3. This was the first time I was

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Complete Breakdown of Responsive Videos

I have been asked a few times about adding responsive videos. At the time I was unable to give a good answer. Now I have taken time to do a bit of research and I able to give a number

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How to load theme and plugin translations

You may ask yourself what is so special about this post. Does not the codex cover load_plugin_textdomain() and load_theme_textdomain() but this posts will show what else you can do with it. With this code for the theme and plugin you can

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