How to load theme and plugin translations

You may ask yourself what is so special about this post. Does not the codex cover load_plugin_textdomain() and load_theme_textdomain() but this posts will show what else you can do with it. With this code for the theme and plugin you can

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Help: WordPress i18n Tools

When I was at WordCamp Europe 2013 I listened to Otto’s talk on internationalisation. I have had time to play around with the WordPress i18n tools. I would like to add a few more features and see how the code

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WordCamp Europe 2013

WordCamp Europe was the first WordCamp that I have been to and it was great. After reading the great post “WordCamp Europe 2013 – A Welshman’s Thoughts” I thought I would write my own as I visited different sessions to Rhys. First Day

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How to update translations quickly

This is for Windows users. Set Up WebTranslateIt Synchronization Tool I use webtranslateit for managing all of the theme and plugin translation. Up till recently I have always download the files in a zip and then extracted them to the language folder.

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Child themes, IE8 and Media Queries

In my previous post I mentioned that one of the issues of using @import in the child theme is that the JavaScripts that help media queries in IE8 and lower so not work. So there  are three solutions. When using @import

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Sync GitHub repository to live server via SFTP

I came across this great service today DepolyButton. Easily add version control to your WordPress site, plugin or theme very easily. It is as simple as click on “Set up a Project”, enter your email address, add your SFTP login info, connect

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Improved way of loading parent styles in child themes

The prefered method in the codex and with plugins that generate child theme is to load the parent stylesheet by using @import in the child themes stylesheet. @import url(“../twentytwelve/style.css”); There are a few problems with this. Speed Using CSS @import in an

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Responsive Opt-Out plugin

Responsive Opt-Out allows visitors of your site to switch between the flexible and fixed width layout. This simple setup creates a body class called “responsive” and “fixed-width” both are added to the body class of your Theme. These two classes

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Unable to boot or enter CMW mode

Ok, I just update to MIUI 2.6.22 and my SGS2 wouldnt start up and I was unable to enter the CWM mode. So I followed this guide How to Root Galaxy S2 i9100! As I wanted to use the Siyah Kernel so instead

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How to install WordPress on a sub-domain

I wanted to install WordPress on I started by installing it first and then trying to make the sub domain but that didn’t work. So this is how you do it. First you create a sub domain. I think every hosting company does it

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